Poke Salad Orchestra

Kelly Rob & Susan edit

Guitarist and vocalist Kelly Werts, fiddler Rob Loren, and cellist Susan Mayo, are firmly rooted in American traditions of old-time, country and early popular music. Their music happens in the moment, based on spontaneous promptings that can lead them in any direction. The group’s rapport, combined with individual mastery of their instruments, draws audiences in and envelopes them in the sound of strings being coaxed to their limits. Click here for full bio.

John Brown’s March:


St. Louis Blues:



Tiny Flowers

TF 1

This eclectic trio of visionary folk musicians uses their hunter-gatherer instincts to root out elements of vintage Americana and a world of other musical ingredients as they assemble an acoustic sound both soothing and exciting. Finger style guitarist and singer Kelly Werts is joined by Diana Werts on accordion and Allan Winkler on a “mini-menagerie” of percussion instruments. They apply their own sonic recipe to hits of old-time folk, country, surf, polka, gospel and pop, plus a few originals. Click for full bio.

Heel-Toe Polka:


Theme Song from Rare Visions & Roadside Revelations:


Connie Dover

O'Malley's 2015 #2 edit 2

Acclaimed by the Boston Globe as “the finest folk ballad singer America has produced since Joan Baez,” Emmy Award winner Connie Dover’s soaring, crystal-clear voice and powerful interpretations of the songs of Scotland and Ireland and early America have established her as one of the world’s most acclaimed traditional singers. Kelly’s guitar accompaniment lends a sympathetic counterpoint to Connie’s pure vocal delivery.

Song For Ireland: